Leopard Mods On XP

Leopard Mods On XP 1.5

Image Leopard Mods On XP 1.5
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    Windows XP

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    January 31, 2022

  • "Give Windows XP the look and feel of Mac Leopard"

Leopard Mods On XP is a package with which you can transform your boring Windows into something apparently similar to a brand new Mac with Leopard operating system

But watch out this will not change the characteristics of your computer ... if what you want is a mac you're going to continue with your pc ... but while you wait, you can look at the screen and dream that you already have it at home.

This package will transform the look and feel of Windows XP into a Mac OS X Leopard. This includes icons, fonts, cursors, windows, wallpapers, toolbars... everything on your computer will seem like it is on a Mac.